Jars of Jam

by Victor Montequin

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released May 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Victor Montequin Lake Mary, Florida

I've been playing music for 35 years and writing poetry for about the same amount of time. As a songwriter I've only recently felt I was good enough to publish. Hope you like it!

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Track Name: Another Side
It's a new way of thinking
It's not inside the box
It's the near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
It's not what you're used to
Hearing on TV
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
If you're not understanding
Then you don't understand it
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
It's about reception
To a new perception
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side

Take a look
In the book of reality
Things aren't always what they seem to be
When you see from the other side

Free your eyes
From the world of politics
Free your mind from society
There is always another side

It's a new way of living
From outside and in
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
It's not being selfish
Being human instead
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
If you're not understanding
Then you don't understand it
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
It's about reception
To a new perception
It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side

It's near side, far side
It's the top side, under side
Track Name: Shoot Me Down
You're singular
Float in the air
You're truly rare

You have your power
In your hand
You won the race
'fore it began

Unfurl your cape
Take off and fly
You keep your feat
Up in the sky

I know your name
I know your cause
You have your edge
You have your flaws

We drift among the clouds
Glide in our balloon, until you shoot it down

You take your tea
Out on the porch
You sneer while I
carry your torch

You slide away
Into the night
I sit with my
Unending plight

Cover my face
So I can't see
Your lack of

Suspicious eyes
Say you’re not real
But they deny
Those things I feel

We glide above the ground
Flying through the sky, until you shoot us down


If know that you
Can do no wrong
You live your life
I'm not so strong

I scream when they
Sully your name
I know that we're
So much the same

You pass me in
Your limousine
I drown my sorrows
In caffeine

I lay with my
ear to the ground
I call your name
You shoot me down
Track Name: Moral Higher Ground
I grew up a child of the cold war
Being told who I should be rooting for
Trying to make some sense of all the hate
It seems we were content with a nervous stalemate

Thinking we had heard it all
But was it just us who tore down that wall
But whatever was the lie
The whole thing crumbled because of people pushing on both sides

(They were looking for that...)
moral higher-ground
moral higher-ground
Can you hear that sound
It's the moral higher-goal
But we're sitting there so proud
Though it's not ours to be found
'cause we're headed off a cliff looking for that
moral higher-ground

Now we can't turn off the news
Who killed who for their religious views
Seems the constant bulletins have made us numb
but it doesn't stop our leaders from beating on that drum

Our enemies are different from then
Names like Al Qayda, ISIS and Taliban
But are we really fighting a billion souls
Do we really know the reason? Do we understand the goal?

(are we looking for that...)

Moral higher-ground
moral higher-ground

Now the answers aren't so clear
Even the opinions really aren't sincere
Seems all everyone wants is some quick fix
But they've taken our attention from the problem with their tricks

So if you must preach from your book
Remember all the thieves and liars we mistook
'cause the answer's in our hearts
And perhaps asking the questions is real good way to start

(while we're looking for that...)
(chorus) x2
Track Name: Just People
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

This country says it welcomes all
No matter if you're big or small
My skin may be brown, white, tan
Do you know who I am?

You do your job, and I do mine
If we all just live we will do fine
I know we have our pride
But we're the same inside

No somos (criminals)
No somos (illegal)
You know we're (just people)
No somos (criminals)

Freedom's soul has no race
I know we all share this place
But do you really have no heart
I know I'm smart, you're smart

Because it's just matter of time
You're ancesters were just like mine
Just looking for a better life
Something right


In our own world we are one
A big round rock heated by the sun
It's all we have, we can share
You and me are going nowhere

If we can't see beyond our face
Stop thinking we can win this race
We need a better path to choose
Or we all lose!

Track Name: Things That Bother Me
Swimming in a raging sea
The undertows don’t bother me
I’m too preoccupied with lies
From ones in permanent disguise

They’re holding on to what they’ve said
Although their ideals are dead
They’re living life in rooms with rows
And rows of walls and no windows

Walking through a hurricane
I’m too preoccupied with pain
The things that they’re saying to me
It hurts me so, oh can’t you see

Can’t you see?
It’s lonely
Can’t you see?
Those things bother me

Underneath an angry sky
I’m holding on, but don’t know why
I’m thinking I should let them go
I’m thinking “yes”, I’m feeling “no”


And they say all the words
But they don’t understand
And they speak of these things
Like it’s their promised land
And it takes all my strength
Not to scream in their face
That version of what we should be
Is a total disgrace
Track Name: Pulse
There you are
Sitting steadfast on the floor
And there's nothing I can say

The anger overflowed and
Something tore our world apart
The past just burned us all today

Now we can't talk common sense
'cause we've fortified the fence
And our eyes can't see what's real
'cause of all those things we feel
We may sing, and cry, and pray
To God or the NRA
But does your heart beat? Do you have a Pulse?

My whole world
I see parents and children cry
I feel the love, I hear the hate

Whispy amber hair
Perfect golden tan
And lies they just proliferate

But how can we hear a sound
If we can't lay our arms down
We can't realize a dream
Built on how loud we can scream
And the oxygen is low
High upon that hill aglow
How can hearts beat, when they don't have a Pulse?
Track Name: Trust Is the Glue of Life
I hold my head to keep the thoughts inside
Cover my eyes so I can't see you lied
Plug my ears 'cause sound's not really right
But Trust is the glue of life

I run my mouth so that you cannot speak
My hands may look so strong but I'm so weak
Sometimes I scream by day and cry by night
'cause Trust is the glue of life

Please don't do me wrong
And I won't make a fuss
Just tell me what is real, and tell me what is true
Please don't take too long
I don’t want to discuss
Whatever you say, but I'm gonna stick with you

Sometimes I think you can see through my skin
Your mind is locked and you won't let me in
You think I need some help, but I’m alright
Oh, Trust is the glue of life

I speak my mind but you don’t understand
My inquiry is not a reprimand
Maybe I’m wrong to think the doubt is rife
And, Trust is the glue of life


I want to trust
It’s the glue of life
I want your trust
It’s the glue of life
You need my trust
It’s the glue of life
We need to trust
Track Name: Masks
Crucial choices all around
Destination's not been found
Agonize for days gone past
We crossed the line, we finished last

We keep ideas, but what’s the cost
It seems that we have gotten lost
The roads a very empty place
When you have masks upon your face

Digging through the bovine shite
Sifting for some sage advice
Heed the words that they tell you
Prepare to bleed just like they do

It’s living playing blind-man’s-bluff
Lost in a sea of useless stuff
Your mind says yes, you’re heart says no
But after this where will you go?

Tomb your mind, do what your told
Information has been sold
Live your life behind a wall
Thinking that you know it all

They won’t tell you what it’s about
Sometimes you’re in, sometimes you’re out
Behind a wall you state your case
Holding a mask upon your face
Track Name: Better Day
I try to look you in the eyes
But you just think I criticize you
I take you through the atmosphere
But you just seem to disappear too

I run, I jump, I call your name
I take the ball, I win the game
But you still want to take the blame
Do you want to…

Take my word
Take my hand
Take my heart
Maybe you’ll understand
Live your life
Don’t throw it away
It’s gonna be a better day

You seem to think it's permanent
What I did for you to resent me
But take a peek from under there
Open your eyes and maybe you'll see

It's not so hard to stop and think
Your perceptions are out of sync
It's possible to wipe the ink
Do you want to?


Times and lives can take a turn
It's so easy to get burned
But there is another way
Wipe the tears that block your view
'cause the world's waiting for you
To make a better day

(Chorus 2)
Take my word
Take my hand
Let me pull you out
Of that quicksand
The things that I say

‘cause in your mind
It’s not sincere
When your thoughts
Are filled with fear
But in real life
Each day’s a new day
Track Name: Never Come Back Again
One bill, two bill
Never gonna stop until I
Pay or move or
Get out of the country, I am
So low, don’t know
What I’m gonna do
But if you let me, I will
Never come back again

You look, I look
What the hell is going on with
Use two, do you
Think that it will last, so what do
You say, signs say
Time for me to go, but is it
worse if then I
Never come back again

There was a time when things were good
But this is now, and that was then
Do you think we’ll both be happier
If I never come back again?

Tell me, why don’t
We ever just try to talk it
Over, so were
We never in love, or were we
Lying, trying for something that wasn’t there
Or was it, will it
Ever come back again It’s shot, it’s not
Really worth it, why don’t we just
Give in, living
With each other isn’t working
Out so, I’ll go
Hate to see you sitting there in
That state, so I’ll
Never come back again

I hate to think it won’t work out
But it’s really not my choice
I’ve asked if we could talk it out
But you just can’t find your voice
There was a time when things were good
But this is now, and that was then
Don’t you think we’ll both be happier
If I never come back again?

I know, you know
Something deep inside me says I
Should stay, I say
That will only hurt more, so let’s
End it, send it
Into a retirement
And I can go and
Never come back again

Track Name: Black and Blue
I woke up today
Didn't look over my shoulder
Didn't have to worry about being me
Heard all the bad news
Heard the fear and hate
That's what it was
But I didn't have to worry
It wasn't about me
'cause I'm not Black
I'm not Blue
I just go along with my life
Sometimes it's not what you do
It's who you are
That decides your fate

If you could choose
What would you do?
Do you know what it's like to be
Black or Blue?

I heard them say
All Lives Matter
Well, yeah, you matter, I matter
And so do my brothers and sisters
Pushed down for hundreds of years
And told to just get up and forget
And so do the ones
Who pledged to serve an protect us all
The ones who wear a badge..that feels like a target
So, like The Beatles said, can't we just "Come Together"
'cause right now LOVE IS something we all need

If you could honestly
Look back
Tell me, do you know, what it's like to be
Blue or Black?

Here we go now, here we go


'cause they can't make a choice
like you
If their born Black
or wear the Blue

So, tell me honestly
Are we all really equal?
I mean, are we treated that way
Day to day, year to year?
If you see someone walking up to you
Someone Black, someone Blue
Do you fear? Does it bother you?
How do you think they feel
To have people judge them for how they look
or what they wear
And if you're not Black or Blue
How do you feel? How do you feel?
How do you feel...for real?